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Established in 2005, GDI has provided superior training, mentorship, and guidance to over 1500 goatenders in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, North Dakota, and various parts of North America. Its reputation has grown due to the exceptional knowledge of the goaltending position and the ability to consistently convey that knowledge to coaches and goalies. We believe that each goaltender has a unique approach to the position. While goaltending encompasses a vast array of technical, physiological and psychological inputs, each goaltender assembles a distinct bundle of performance assets.

The path to fine-tuning your game. Book a session with one of our elite goalie coaches and truly discover the areas of your game you want to improve! Whether you are starting out or playing at the highest level, this program is for you!
The time is now! Prep for the 2018-2019 hockey season.

The Rink Training Centre Winnipeg

A word-class hockey training facitly that specializes in player & goaltending development. As a year-round resource, The Rink Training Centre offers the highest quality of training possible so that you can become THE athlete you want to be.